You do not owe an explanation

Life is full of duties. To pay attention, attitude, explanation. Sometimes even certain behavior. There are things, however, for which no one has the right to judge you. The only people who deserve to be in touch with them are the members of your family and your friends. But even with them, everything should be within moderate limits. If you sometimes think someone deserves an explanation – give it to him, but do not feel obliged to do so. Especially when it comes to the following things:

You do not owe an explanation of your priorities

You want to start a new business and leave your job? Want to build a career and then a family? Or are you going to create children and will put your career behind your back? Just do it! You do not have to take into account other people’s preferences!

You do not owe anyone any explanation for your career

When deciding in which direction to go, the opinion of the people is irrelevant. The only voice you need to listen to is your inner voice.

You do not owe an explanation for wanting to be alone

It does not mean you’re rough. Everyone sometimes needs to be alone. Do not try to explain this to anyone. Нo sense. Just do it and enjoy your personal time.

You do not owe an explanation for your appearance

Your body, hair color or clothing is your decision. No one can tell you how you should look.

You do not owe any explanation for your relationship

Are you often forgiving? Are you back with your ex? Have you agreed to marry? These are your decisions and they only affect you! Do not let others confuse you.

Live your life so to be good for you. It is not important what others think, but how you feel.

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