New year goals

Set goals that will improve your life, not your body, not your financial situation. Why? Because often others fail. A large percentage of people who promise to start training stop after a short time or do not start at all.

If the goals were easy to achieve, we would not set them all the time. We were going to change. Our New Year’s resolutions fail because they are not real, they do not bring real happiness. In order to be able to achieve our goals, we must be positive, we must believe in ourselves, we must be rewarded for small successes and we must avoid temptations. Failure is associated with negative thinking.¬†One of the reasons we fail is sabotage. It can come from ourselves or from others. Sometimes it is good to lower our new expectations. Some of the failures are that people decide it’s not worth it. Sometimes we realize that we can achieve something without effort, but when the opposite happens, we give up. We need to be sure of what we want to improve, because failures are often attempts to achieve happiness. All we need are things that bring us happiness. For example, forgiveness and gratitude. Yes, these seemingly simple things! Forgiveness increases hope, self-confidence and reduces depression. We must learn to do this in order to be happier with ourselves. Gratitude is also an important quality that we must develop. Each of us has at least one thing to be grateful for. It is one of the things on the road to success and happiness.

Maybe it’s a different way of looking at things to be happy and to control our emotions. This is a force. I hope 2022 will be better, fresh and free and we will find happiness. With the right goals, everything will be fine.

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