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We tend to bury our heads in the sand about many of the problems that come our way. Instead of looking for a solution, we live day by day with the idea that the troubles will pass by themselves. We have conversations that avoid the topic, we do things that engage our minds, and in fact the big question remains unanswered.

Time is too short to cause ourselves unnecessary headaches, and if there are suitable clichés to get us out of difficult situations, then we should trust them because they are proven truths.

There is nothing more important than the present.

Everything that is beyond our control should not become an occasion for sadness, bitterness and pain. Busy with their experience, we cannot enjoy the moment that is happening right now. Life teaches us to accept things as they are and enjoy every miracle of the moment.

They say that the morning is wiser than the evening, and it really is so, but why wait for tomorrow to come to convince ourselves once again that yesterday no longer matters and that from the point of view of the hours all the occasions to feel unhappy have faded like a spot on a napkin.

The power is not only in forgetting, but in remembering that the bad always passes, because we live life without rules and we can’t control everithing.

There are no conditions for pleasures. If we have the attitude that they are attainable, but after we first achieve certain goals, we will not experience the deserved joy that each of us undeniably deserves. Realizing such a delusion, the delight in life itself will become our natural companion during the journey.

The present moment is unique. It is experienced immediately, without delay. It starts with the aroma of the morning coffee, with the drop of perfume, with the warmth we feel on our skin from the rays of the May sun. A life shows us that these small joys are the true moments of happiness.

Enjoying what we have is pure happiness.

We tend to overlook small joys, longing to be a part of big and impressive events. But the truth lies elsewhere and is available to all. If we manage to combine work with pleasure, another cliché turns out to be completely true: when the useful and the pleasant go hand in hand, life is just as wonderful as it should be.

Let’s give thanks to the present moment. Gratitude is the sure way to multiply kindness and make more people happy. Today gives us everything. It is the sure thing, and it is up to us how we will live its brief hours. Don’t let it go, don’t let it go just like that, because the past may be kind to us, but it has already been and will never happen again.

Don’t delay life, enjoy it now!

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