Hello dear surfer, warm welcome at life without rules!

That’s me

I am passionate about blogging and my jobs as a photomodel and actress. Mostly i work with Samy from samy entertainment (https://samy.info).
With this blog, I want you to show my view of some things. You are welcome to comment on my articles.


My other blogs are:
– Shumen, some nice meetingpoints (http://meetingpoint.blog24.club/)
– Fruttygarden (http://fruttygarden.xyz/), also in bulgarian language (http://farmermarket.blog24.club/)
– my photomodel web (http://yoana.xyz)
– my youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdYX580KLLW4Cdeuiolm3Gw )
and last but not least
– Euromidas – something about what i see when i surf .. (http://euromidas.net)
next time, I will start on some other entertainmentblogs
– Shantal, gossip and news (http://shantal.org) as a co-author
and a brand new blog, called
– The drunken blue horses 🙂 (http://drunkenbluehorses.com) as chiefpublisher

Feel free, to visit all my webs ….



* current activities *



  • The Hard Rock Week at Shantal’s blog (in may 2019)I started and operated a new series on Shantal.org – “Hard Rock Week” with own created vids and star vids – here is the playlist:

and this is awesome vid with Yvonne and me in the front, introduced the Hard Rock Stars:


  • Dancing under the sky – building a new blog for samy entertainment
    Webmaster, author and blogtrustee work for this new blog.
  • C 55
    Ideas and content supplier for Zoran’s entertainmentblog C55.space at last in a hot photoseries
    I’m Jo 2019
  • .. more coming soon 🙂