Friendships die hard, love – never

Together we create the picture of life. We leave a touch on it with each passing day, so that it can become an even greater masterpiece the next. In art, an unintentional mistake often makes the work even more original, so over time we realize that fate brought us exactly what we needed.

Changes are part of trials. Friendship and love understand this best. They are like flowers that we must take care of so that they delight us with their beauty. It happens that we are disappointed by an act or a word, but who is a person without sin? Even in the face of complete dissolution, friendships are usually saved by the will of fate itself.

True friendship involves a connection that, in most cases, excludes distance between two people. Yes, circumstances change, sometimes the landscape of the picture is not so cloudless, but a relationship remains so strong that it resembles a tree that continues to stand tall while the stormy wind blows in its huge branches. If her survival still proves impossible, the smaller trees of the canvas survive to one day become a forest.

Love is a complicated thing. For her, words are never enough, she cannot be finished with a dot or a final stroke of the brush. Even when it has already been, it remains. It makes us feel like we are chewing life without rules, because everything happens in a flash and you don’t have time to think about consequences. It cannot rise from the ashes like a phoenix, but it is the surest inspiration. She forever has her reserved place in the picture, because she does not leave our hearts. Love makes us vulnerable, but it is also strength, and the stronger we are, the more alive we feel.

Love leaves a fiery trail behind. Even when our soul is dark, it illuminates our path, gives us confidence, fills us with optimism even in the most desperate moments. We follow it as a guiding light, because we know that we will not be wrong in our judgment – the heart never lies. It remembers every caress, gentle word, hug and kiss. Once we have lived through them once, we have enough for a hundred more lives.

In painting the picture discussed at the beginning, we must remember that our identity is defined by the friendships we have. They are an important asset as they form values ​​such as support, trust and mutual assistance. This life without rules in love teaches us that this is the way. Thanks to her, the magical journey through life becomes possible, regardless of how long she has deigned to be our companion. And if sometimes we feel powerless for a while, let’s look from afar at the picture we keep creating. There, small green trees remind of the good days we had, and love is the gentle breeze that will never stop playing with the leaves on their young branches.

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