The pleasure of watching a “dumb” movie

With movies it’s the same as with books – there are all sorts of arguments about which book is “high literature” and which isn’t, which movie is a classic and which isn’t. Of course, you don’t have to be a Cannes film critic to sort out the good from the bad.

However, the thing is that every person needs both the quality and the mediocre. Or to put it another way – no matter how refined, profound, exciting and dramatic the timeless classics are, sometimes you need something light, easy to understand and entertaining. For myself, I have found that at the end of the day, when I finally have a chance to relax and rest mentally and physically, I have no desire to watch a dramatic movie, even if it is the best of all time. I do not have the capacity to bear unraveling philosophical problems, going through catharsis and soul cataclysms, epic scenes and heart-rending feelings. I prefer to watch something unobtrusive, which will allow my mind to drift on the current of pretentiousness. Just recently I watched a relatively new comedy film. I won’t mention the name, but I can say that I haven’t had so much fun in front of the screen in a long time. The dialogues of the characters were completely absurd and unnatural sounding. Half the characters bravely recited their lines and gave blank stares, but the overall atmosphere was pleasant, funny and somehow naively charming. There were scenes that had me laughing out loud and in tears, and that’s not an understatement. It’s much easier to make someone cry than to make them laugh. Humans are not such simple creatures. A rich palette of feelings, desires, fears, aspirations, dreams and discontents overflows within us. Happiness is achieved in moments of peace, and we can only experience such moments when our feelings are in balance. That’s why different external influences give a different reflection on the surface of our soul.

There is no need to worry about or avoid things that are branded as “dumb”, not sufficiently culturally elevated, useful or valuable. A person can like both caviar and lentils and there is nothing strange about that. Let us not limit ourselves, but obey our desires and needs, even if sometimes they seem somewhat primitive to us. Play a “dumb” movie, read a “light” book and not care at all.




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