From girl to woman…

I turned 30 a few days ago. A bit scary number for me. Somehow you realize that you are no longer a girl, but a woman. However, on balance – it’s not that bad. Over the years you learn lessons that make you a stronger and more capable person. Here are the important things I’ve learned over the past 10 years, or in other words, my transformation from girl to woman:

No matter how much you don’t believe it, time really has the ability to “fly” – value your own, but also don’t waste the time of someone else. Make it so that you have special moments just for yourself – spend time alone – read, draw, write or just be lazy (no one has the right to judge you for this, especially you).

Carefully choose the people you allow near you. Now you may think it’s “always and forever”, but around 30 things change dramatically. I’m not just talking about love. You grow and grow, you now have a clearer picture of yourself, as well as of others. You know how to make more correct judgments, but also you will continue to make mistakes…

Don’t give yourself completely to anything – be it a person, a venture, a dream or a job. You will save yourself disappointments for sure. Always keep a part of yourself only for you. Don’t be perfect and don’t try to achieve it!

Travel! Every weekend if you can. In time, one of the things you’ll regret most is that you didn’t do it. And please, don’t immediately get on the first plane to Dubai… First travel in your country. There are so many places you can literally fall in love with near you.

Don’t deprive yourself of time spent with friends because of annoying unimportant duties. When you grow up you start to sort out your priorities and you should know that everyone has different ones. But never neglect yourself or your own desires now just because of some duties you can do later.

Don’t trust so easily. There are 7 billion people in the world and each of them thinks, feels and understands differently. Not everyone would act like you, and just because you’re well-intentioned doesn’t mean the other person is. Be especially wary of manipulative people – those who manipulate and those who allow themselves to be manipulated. The former can pretty much “play” with your thoughts, feelings, consciousness and even your life, and the latter are nothing more than soulless creatures. Stay away!

Stop pleasing everyone but yourself. You should always put yourself first – it’s healthy! Ignore people who make you feel like you’re not good enough. You are good, but not for everyone.

Don’t give up your hobbies. You will soon realize that there are few people who do what they love. If you’re lucky, you might be one of them, but if you’re not, develop your talents, even if they’re not profitable. Trust me – sometimes the satisfaction is greater than your monthly salary.

Don’t underestimate the friendship between a man and a woman. Sometimes it is even more real, meaningful and real. I don’t want to give you love advice. This is something you have to experience for yourself, appreciate and if you can preserve.

If you don’t like something or it goes against your beliefs, don’t do it! To betray yourself is one of the greatest pains you can experience. Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. There will be falls… but that’s how you learn to get back up. And it’s best to do it yourself!

And finally… No matter how strong, confident and good you are, believe me, there will be someone who will have the overwhelming desire to “crush you”. Take it as the most valuable lesson. Once it happens, it will take time to recover. It will be difficult for you, but this is the greatest charm – You will never be the same again. You will be much better than ever! Better for yourself and for the people who deserve you.

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