All of our friends leave a mark in our lives. Some come to teach us something, and then they go, while others appear to remain forever.

Today I thought about these friends of mine, without which I can not. Each one of them has a feature that fits perfectly with my own. They are completely different and that makes them so special. Unexpectedly good combination of madness, wisdom and emotion. One is the one that will always listened me carefully and be empathetic to my problems. The other always would try to resolve them, because its opinion is always helpful. It is this that always make the right decisions and gives the wisest advice. And last but not least – “crazy” girlfriend. She is like a breath of fresh air. She always manages to lift the mood! With her is always fun. Whatever she had in mind –  not way to be bored. I would not replace any of them. All together we complement each other perfectly and this makes us so strong.

Friendship is valuable when it is mutual and beneficial one another. When you cares and helping on someone and he makes the same for you – that’s friendship!

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