Loss of time


This morning, while I drank my coffee I thought about the things of our everyday life who only wasted our time. That life is short is an indisputable fact , but sometimes we do not realize it. But after we lost time in unnecessary activities , we begin to thoughtful and to value our time more …

And as usually drink coffee at the computer ,the first thing for which I thought is continuous online presence. The Internet is a wonderful thing and useful. I understand to follow the posts of your favorite site on Facebook,but quite another to fill your head with unnecessary informationSurely on every of us happened to sit like a zombie in front of the screen and actually sees nothing. That time will never come back … Another thing that often strikes me is how people shoot and post on their page various photos , without no sense. The truth is that the continuous shooting on everything – from a simple lunch to the sights and selfies,usually takes your time. I wonder how people manage to enjoy on your time, if necessary must to stop ,to take her phone ,to do photo of what is happening from few corners and then post it on facebook or instagram. I hope not to offend anyone, but that to me is an absolute waste of time and nice moments.

Enjoy everyone good moments because life is hard and more times we are face the trials. The beautiful moments are so short and we should enjoy maximum to them!

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