First steps for good vacation

IMG_7140In recent days ,the summer is felt with full force. The days are getting hotter and longer . Even in the thin and airy jerseys we feel strong heat. The only salvation is water, water, water! Swelter and water – these two things make me think only rest on the beach. The vacation can be a short , but have a very cooling effect and always is fun!

And since I plan for this weekend my first two days in this summer on the beach , today I thought: What to put in my suitcase? Collecting luggage for rest is quite a difficult task. Even the vacation to be short, always happens to me to take with me things that I really did not need or forget something without which I can not. So I decided to make a list of things essentials. I think I might be helpful to others who have tendency to excess baggage.

For starters I started with the most important –  the charger on my phone. When my phone is off, I feel like I’m cut off from the world and it makes me uneasy. Another thing I think is important for every woman are beautifying things – press, comb and makeup. So … to here it is easy. The difficult – clothes! So my list for clothing – dresses, shorts and thin blouses, jeans, a thin jacket and of course swimwear. The clothes must comply with the shoes. The pattern must be such that it goes well with equal sandals and with high heels too. Also good to comply with the weather. We can not deny that there are places where night becomes noticeably colder. Everything comes down to think strategically and choose the components of your vision on the best possible way.

Remember that whether you are wondering how many pairs of sandals to take and whether to take this shirt, the most important thing is to enjoy the future midnight walks on the beach and beautiful sunrises!

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