Beauty Rituals

I know perfectly well that it is important to take care of myself, to find time for manicures, pedicures, masks, etc., but this does not prevent me from constantly postponing home beauty rituals.

I only have to stay with the nourishing hair mask for only 20 minutes, but I still can’t find them or I remember when I’m already in the shower. Fortunately, there are now quick face masks that take 5 minutes. Oh, recently I came across the puzzling “mask without washing”, which for me is nothing but a simple face cream. But the name of the product is definitely of interest. For the past year I have found that just as I like to take care of my appearance, I absolutely forget or deliberately postpone doing various home procedures due to laziness. Years ago I went for a manicure, a regular haircut, and now – a child later, I find that it is much easier for me to just shape my nails in a short manicure and not do anithing more. That’s why I imposed a certain routine and so I defined Friday as a day of varnishing, Saturday and Sunday – masks for hair and face, etc. Even if I fail to follow the schedule 100%, I have made progress in taking proper care of myself. We keep talking to my friends about how important and nice it is to pay attention to yourself, to buy quality cosmetics, to go for a massage or a beautician, but we also often share how lately we feel too tired and we just want to relax.

But life needs balance – both for everything else and in terms of focusing on yourself and your beauty. When you try to find the balance, you immediately feel how you feel more confident and satisfied with yourself and life.
I wish it to everyone 🙂

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