Why don’t our dreams come true?

If you are one of those girls who can’t sleep at night for a long time because they are wondering what is happening to their lives and why what they dream of with all their heart is still not happening, then we have to talk.

Imagine what it would be like if tomorrow, when you wake up, your Dream knocks on the door and wants to enter your life. How would you feel? Excited? Surprised? Or even a little scared? Look around. If you open the door of your life now, will there be a place for your Dream in your daily life? Are you ready to meet her now, at this moment? Maybe you’re a little embarrassed by the answer. Maybe now you realize that will be a bit messy here and you will need a little time. You probably will really need very little to throw away unnecessary luggage, to schedule your appointments, and finally to live your dream. This is the first important truth: there is no way a dream can come true if you do not make room for it in your day. If you are not ready to accept her, to embrace her, to allow her to fill you with meaning, to follow her unconditionally. If you are not ready to dedicate yourself to her. Because in addition to a place, the Dream requires from you your time, your energy, your strength. You are the driving force that can summon her, hold her… or drive her away. Because there is this option. If you are not ready, and your dream starts to come true, fear may not be just an exciting thrill that passes through your body. Fear can become a tightening noose that tightens around your neck, prevents you from taking a breath and numbs you. You don’t want to experience this fateful moment like that, do you? So train your courage. Train your heart. It must believe that you deserve this Dream. You need to know that you fought for it and you need to be fully convinced that you want to move forward together. Don’t worry that your dream hasn’t come true so far. Just prepare for it. Take every step to her. Make a plan. And follow him. And if it comes true, just have the courage to embrace it and invite it into your life.

Be persistent. Learn new things. Grow up personally and emotionally. And in the evening, before you go to sleep, don’t ask yourself why your dream has not yet become a reality. Ask yourself what else you need to do to make it a reality. And when you’re ready, I really want to promise you, the dream will knock on your door, and you will have the courage to open it, to smile, to invite her to enter your day.

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