If you brag about …

We often find ourselves in situations where we want to tell to the whole world how well we have done. Yes, we all know how nice it feels to know that our work has been successful, but it would be best to refrain from sharing the good news. Strange as it may seem to you, there are not many people who would be happy with your success.

If your job is about saving lives or risking yours, then no one is interested in listening to what exactly happened at work today. It is best to keep the information to yourself and tell it to your partner for example. Yes, I understand that it’s frustrating not being able to share how well you’re doing at work, but at least you’re left with inner satisfaction. Another thing that usually annoys people is to share tons of photos of children and the dog on social networks. Of course, your friends are happy with how fast your little treasure is growing, but they don’t want daily proof of how sweet your child is. Let’s talk about something else. You can afford to drive an expensive car and you want everyone to know about it. Congratulations! It’s great that you can afford a luxury vehicle, but you can certainly guess that your friends will be a little jealous when they see what you can afford, whether it’s a car or a vacation to an exotic destination. We recommend that you enjoy the wonderful acquisition and keep the joy to yourself. And what about your half-brother? Yes, it is wonderful that you have finally found a person who completely complements you. Your heart overflows with love and happiness that you want to share with the whole world. But keep in mind that if you brag to your partner in front of people who are still looking for someone next to you, you will only provoke vicious grunts and disapproving looks.

In order not to irritate the people around you, you better think about what is written above. Sometimes these really simple things can draw a lot of negative views on your personality. But despite everything – live your life as you like!

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