What does women want from the relationship?

Sometimes it is difficult to tell your partner what we want and what we need. It is difficult to admit it to ourselves. But there is nothing better than knowing what we want and how to get it.

Relationships are a complicated thing and we don’t always get what we want from them, but there are a few universal things that no woman would ask from her partner, but which are extremely important to her. What does every woman secretly want from her relationship? Well, I decided to reveal it to you!

To receive compliments – it is important to feel that our efforts are noticed and our achievements deserve celebration.

To hug her while she cries – yes, women cry and sometimes like to be weak, just to have someone to hug and comfort them.

To feel tenderness – we do not want constant romance and some incredible gestures. We need only a few small but important gestures to make us happy.

To feel a priority – sometimes we want to be convinced that we are important in someone’s life and have a central place in the heart and soul of the partner. It’s just nice to know and feel it.

Encourage her – support is very important, in every situation and in every endeavor. We want to have someone behind us, give us confidence and tell us that we can when we think it is not.

To feel truly in a relationship – no, we are not talking about marriage proposals here. The point here is that we just want our partner to be fully in this relationship, to be committed to our life together and to appreciate us.

So what do you think, men, can you handle it?

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