Don’t worry ,Be Happy

IMG_7816I often think that life is galloping at breakneck speed. Life is full of different people. Each carries in his heart his grief and his joy. Everyone has memories that prove that we exist.

Nevertheless, life is beautiful. The unexpected things make our life interesting. If the days are repeating , we would feel like in a madhouse. Some people believe that our life is predetermined from fate. In any case, I not would like to know in advance exactly what expected me. Often we make mistakes, but it is also really wonderful, because mistakes allowed only living. The gratitude that we wake up every morning, must never goes away from us. We should not regret for anything. We should not necessarily look for reasons for this or that. The pleasure that we are alive is sufficient cause for  smile on our faces. Life must continue every day with occasions for new smile. Wrinkles of laughter make us more beautiful, you can never confuse them.

I think that positive thinking is one way to live well. We should not give up, if on us something bad happens or someone hurt us, because time heals old wounds. Even we should be grateful because the past has made us, who we are!

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