How not to fall asleep at work

The work sometimes can be bored, especially on meetings that last more than one hour. About this will afford to give you some tips that will help you stay awake and keep your jobs.

You must have available light, water, air conditioning and music with a fast beat. Turn to the light. Outdoor img_944444lighting will remind on your mind and your body that you need to stay awake. Drink water, because dehydration leads to fatigue. Also not good to stay in too warm room, turn the air conditioner cooling at least for a short time or open the window. Another good option is stay awake is to refresh your face with cold water. If your workplace allows, listen to fast music and try to talk to your colleagues. The stretching from time to time will also keep you awake. Of course, coffee is also big aid against falling asleep at work. So if the situation gets tough you have to take advantage of its power.

Yet there are times when sleep time passes the background. At such moments we have to use all tricks to stay awake until the end of the working day. Importantly, after work to sleep and restore your body.

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