What’s about alcohol?


Everything in moderation is beneficial or so claimed. It not should, however, be accepted notion that from one sip of alcohol, nothing will happen.

In Bulgaria there are inexplicable tolerance to drinking large amounts of alcohol. Considered is a sign of masculinity ability to drink a bottle img_4770of whiskey. At the same time we ourselves think for a glass of wine or beer for a good part of the day, time for seeing and laughter with friends, but alcohol has more negative sides. In most of health problems the alcohol is expressly prohibited ,but have a less disease conditions where recommended. He should never be mixed with drugs – whether on the packaging it says or not. Even with pill for head is better to wait a few hours and if you are taking any antibiotic – forget about alcohol drinks before or after meals. It is possible to cause a poisoning. The only disease in which you can drink alcoholic drink is kidney stones. Alcohol is contraindicated for people who play sports, for pregnant or lactating women or during the diet. But according to some studies glass or two of wine every day will extend our lives or how a cup brandy or vodka evening will successfully cope with stress and various disease states.

And no one prohibited it, but only if you are healthy and not taking any medication or at least you have consulted with your doctor.

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