What is happiness?

Happiness is the magic to which we all seek. The universal recipe for happiness does not exist. It is our choice. Happiness depends on our perceptions to everything that happens to us and around us.

Happiness is not on an exotic beach, it is on the sidewalk in front of you ,on the desk in the office and on the way home. Happiness can be achieved easily with good music, sunrise and a walk in the park. If we IMG_8535want to be happy, we must learn to accept every situation. From our attitude depends everything. Some see the thorns of the rose, others see her beautiful colors. In everything around us we can find beauty, our delight. Happiness is to help stranger and redound for his joy. Happiness is to give! To see the gratitude in foreign eyes is the greatest happiness!  A much better experience than as a new purchase. Many things can cause us to be happy. Happiness is the inner satisfaction that we are important in this world. The material is temporary. You can lose all in an instant. But what inside you ,can not lose. Happiness are in small things ,that on first sight are granted ,but they bring fullness and happiness in our lives.

. Happiness is a choice! Choices, that we make every day. We have the power, innate abilities and potential to be anything , who we want.

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