It is true and personal what I will share with you. I start with my two biggest disadvantages.

Forgetting. When one deals with a few things, even seemingly compatible it is really possible to miss something. Or at least I am so. For joy, in my ability to forget I discover plus too. I do not remember bad things, I can literally delete them from my memory. Especially those that were related to my experiences. I just change the focus to the good ones. Well, it’s not so easy, but I’m sure you can learn too.

The delay. I define it as my worst and hardest blemish stuck to me (or I for it) since my childhood. It seems as if time never is enough for me, I want to slow it down, catch up… I know hurry is an unnecessary stress. But as much as I do not need it, no matter how much I realize it and try it, every time I need at least another 5 minutes. You know the stupid phrase ,who says that it is acceptable to be late until the tenth minute. Well, I’m not her supporter, and yet, as if these are the most important and needed minutes before leaving home. No matter how early I get up… I always late.And all those things that prevent me from reaching my goal on time. The phone will ring. I’ll meet someone along the way. I will forget something and I will return etc. As if this happens only to me.

I know that only I am guilty. I know that not only mine time is valuable. I hope I can change that in future and I promise that if one day I did it, I will share with you how exactly. And because the change should not be postponed – I stop with writing so I will not be late again.

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