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The caterpillar does not turn into a butterfly accidentally. It is no coincidence also our spiritual and personal growth as morality, as a character, as interests, goals and values. If you are currently in a period in which you need to develop yourself in a positive direction and become an even better version of yourself, “Life without rules” will try to help you.

✔Find your personal answers to the question “Why”. Why are you working exactly this job? Why did you choose exactly this partner for your beloved? Why your life goes at this direction? You need to think in details about this questions and to try to find their answers.

✔ Think about the goals in your life. What are they now? What do you want to happen to you after a year, or five? Explain what you want to achieve in personal and professional terms – visualize and draw a realistic dream to follow.

✔Exit your comfort zone. She is very nice, but deceitful. And long staying there is devastating to every person who is not looking for ways of self-development.

✔Trust your intuition. Sometimes we tend to make decisions that we feel are not entirely right for us, but it is inevitable to not make that choice. That is why fate sometimes knows things better than ourselves. Let’s trust her.

✔Stop worrying about failure. There will always be disappointments, but they should not stop us. If our dreams are not big and the way to achieve them does not scare us, then they are not brave and satisfying for us.

I hope these tips will help you to successfully transform the consciousness and direction of your life.

 Dream big – achieve a lot!

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