What to do after break up?

Nothing! This is the short answer and the even shorter input on this subject. Ok ,you are right – It’s sad. It is as if your whole world is darkening, as if all your world is falling apart, especially if he is the one with whom your whole world has been connected.

But… he may just have done you a favor when he’s gone. You know that for everything that happens to us has a reason. Yes, I know that when it happens to you, all this is just stupid philosophizing. And nobody knows what you feel in this moment. Yes, it is not easy. Sadness comes after a loss. The loss brings sadness. Why did he leave? Why did he do that? What’s wrong with me? Do you know how he hurt me? What I did? What have I not done? After he leave the questions and tears remain. And you know what is normal? To experience your sadness. This is normal. Do not try not to replace her with some optimism. Just go through this. Suffer it, do not run from it. You will suffer damage, for a while you will see nothing but pain. You will be weak. The love makes us weak, not strong. Our pain makes us strong. Then comes the power.

So, stand up. Take your breath and take a step forward. He’s gone. You’re staying. Not alone, but without him. Not without meaning, but with yourself.

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