You are a priority

You deserve to be happy. Not just somehow, but a really happy. Remember that life does not just work stress, deadlines, find and set long-term goals. In such a large amount of worries and fears, we forget the most important element – myself.

Your inner world is much more important than your outer world, so remember that you are a priority. Take time to confirm your emotions and feelings because they are real, they are yours and they are important. Analyze your inner circle and drop people who harm your psyche. Leave those that discourage you and make you doubt yourself. Clear your soul from toxic people and never feel bad about it. Just let them go. You owe it to yourself. Let them go for your good. Remember that you are worthy. Leave them, to be really happy. Allow only people who want to love you. Be with those who want to get your hand in the middle of chaos. People who are ready to drive for hours to see you. People, who are interested in how you are. These are people who you want to be with you all the time. And you know, it can be magically wonderful or tragic. Often this depends on people in your life.

Take a moment and learn the difference between what you want and what you need. Only because you want to be with someone, does not mean you need it. And that you love someone, doesn’t mean he’s good for you. You have complete control over your life. Create one in which you are really happy.

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