In this life no one owes you anything

It is a fact, that we all live for ourselves and for our own happiness. If someone tells you otherwise, it is definitely a lies. Every attitude is based on personal gain. You love this man because he is good with you, because he makes you happy. Because in the morning he brings to you your coffee in bed, because in the evening he wrap you when you fall asleep. He loves you because of a bunch of things like that.

However, he is not obliged… Neither let you like it nor want you or love you. He is not obliged to wake you. Even less is required to organize your day, your happiness or your life. Do not expect everyone to be your friend or you to be his. You have to work, grow up, succeed. And this happens only for your own sake. Follow your own dreams, not someone else’s. And the respect of other people should win it yourself. It is not given away. People are not obliged to share their secrets, thoughts and feelings. If they do it with you, it is because they have asked for it. I am one of the people who, when they decide that something belongs to them, spend a lot of time, nerves, energy and effort. I do everything to get my own, but I do not expect anyone to fight for it. My mind is mine, the upbringing also. And so…

Ever since I realized that no one owed me anything … I started getting everything. Try it you too.


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