Real friendship always will survive!

True friendship is not influenced by time. To meet a person who will learn to love you as a brother or sister does not happen in a particular way or at a certain moment. Sometimes the relationship builds up thanks to a spontaneous laugh or a shared cup of coffee for example. Sometimes the relationship grows into something much more over time, with a lot of tears streaming on the shoulder, long conversations in the dark hours , text messages, a series of complex moments, creating an indestructible relationship.

True friendship does not know fear. It does not scare you when you have to stand side by side in the struggle against the world together. It not afraid of the people who stand in your way. It fights for true presence and never let our friend feel alone in the world. True friendship knows no boundaries. It gives you the opportunity to easily open the refrigerator of the other and to eat to the full without asking. Allows your conversations not to know limitations and be free to talk about everything. Friendship is those moments in which you can tell the hard truth, look deep into the heart of the other, and help him feel good after his heart is broken. True friendship does not know a distance. Kilometers, hours, states, and even the continents trying to separate you are powerless. Neither the time zones nor the differences in everyday life can make you feel remote ,when your hearts are eternally connected. Because even when life becomes complicated, true friendship remains.

True friendship does not know the word “goodbye.” No matter how far the two souls are, they will always have a relationship with each other. They will always find a way to see each other and support themselves so as not to break the connection between them. True friendship does not die, it does not fall apart on the first problem, it does not know excuses, it does not fade because of time or place. No matter how far and how difficult the real friendship is, it will always survive!

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