How to be happy everyday


Happiness is a state of mind, and it is up to us whether we will be happy or unhappy. Follow this four steps to help you feel happier:

Take several deep breaths and exhalations

Breathing is what keeps us alive. If we stop breathing, life is over. There is much greater power in the breathing, which allows us to control our inner forces. So try to make some deep breaths and exhalations. You will feel the stress and tension disappear.

Ask forgiveness for the mistakes you made the previous day

There is hardly a person who thinks himself to be infallible. We all make mistakes that we later regret. Forgiveness helps to deal with all this. Thanks to it, we release ourselves from the causes of our suffering. Recognition of our mistakes can not change the past, but it can create a new and better present.

Express your gratitude

By expressing gratitude we feel a bliss and happiness for what we have. Do not worry about the things you do not have, because it will only bring you suffering. Think only about what makes you happy and brings you pleasure – think of the wonderful relationships you have created.

Smile even for no reason

When we smile, we unlock the hormones of happiness. Smiles reduce stress. So do not hesitate and smile.

So friends, it is obvious that it is not so difficult to be happy. Why do not we try?

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