The truth about the complexes

The complexes are not such a bad thing. As long as you are aware and adequate enough to judge which are currently working on and which ones have expired.

There are complexes that make you strive to be better – at work, in learning, in something you want to achieve. About that it is not always a very meaningful cause for us to struggle with complex emotions, thoughts and feelings. It does not matter what unlocks them, it only matters how you look at them. Examine what you do, how you react, what you need while they conquered you – a cigarette, a cup of alcohol, a hug, a handkerchief for tears, ice cream or a sheet and a pen. To looking for reasons outside outside of you … is totally superfluous. Complexes are definitely our true intimate environment. They have a character and everything they want from us is to be our friends. If we do not do it, they become very vengeful. The complexes are different. Some are from childhood, others are brand new. Some die in the beginning. Others have lived in us for years.

All that is required of us is to learn not to transfer them to an environment where they can infect our relationships with the outside world. But if we can joke with them, it’s always best. Paradoxically, they dissolve and evaporate in the ringing melody of human laughter.

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