In help a friend

When someone who we love goes through a difficult period of his life, his pain is our pain. At such times, we want to help and make his day better, but we often feel powerless and do not know what to do. The good thing is that sometimes small gestures are enough to make a big change in his mood.

When life overwhelmed us with problems, sometimes we need just someone to listen to us. We do not need solutions and answers, just to share our anxiety. Give this opportunity to the person you want to cheer up. Do not try to solve his problem unless he asks you for advice, just listen to him. Perhaps the decision will appear during your conversation. Let the other to cry. It may sound like a bad idea, you still want to cheer him up, but it’s been proven that after one good cry, we feel better. Sometimes the only thing you can do is to be there, and that’s enough! When you are ready to separate from your time to be with someone, it is indicative of your love.

Do not allow your friends to self-pity forever. Try to show them that the current situation has positive aspects or at least that it can be solved. Try to get them to think positively and productively. Unfortunately, this method does not always work, but you as a friend, necessarily have to try to change the situation.

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