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You must have read countless articles about relationships and what you need to do they to be successful. Yes, many of them are true, but there are some common tips ,with who I do not agree. Here’s what they are:

Tell everything you think!

Should I really? When your partner eats loudly chips or sing a song that you hate, should you tell him that he drives you crazy on that way? Are you thinking about all the little things ,that you probably irritate him in you, but which he accepts as part of you, from what he loves in you? Because, I hope, you do not think you are ideal, just … no ideal people. So, yes, definitly sincerity is important. Extremely important for a successful relationship. But there is a distinction between being sincere and with that with insulting and tactlessness to insulting the man who loves you.

Do not go to the bed ,when you are in conflict.

We hear it all the time. But the truth is that there are disagreements that are too serious to be resolved with only one dispute. There are things that need to be understood by both of them in order to find the necessary compromise. Because it is not accidental – “Morning is wiser than the evening.” Sometimes you have to give yourself a little time to look differently to the situation in order to understand the point of view of the other to reach out and realize that not always winning in a dispute is to impose your opinion …

You can change the other.

No, you can not. And you do not have to. The moment you start trying to change the man next to you, you start to take it away from himself. Man changes only if he wants. When he wants. And for whatever he wants. Everything else is forcible. And it’s not real. True connection means two things – to accept the other as it is. And to help him be the one who wants to be. But help him. Do not push it to change.Do not provoke it.

When a problem occurs, talk to your family and seek advice.

This is actually the last thing you have to do when there is a problem in your relationship. Though it is probably the first thing you do. Yes, we, women, love to talk “feminine” about our relationships. And we do not realize that this usually leads to the effect of the “snowball” – the more we talk about the problem between us and our partner, the more opinions and advice we hear, the bigger and the more unresolved the problem seems to be. The truth is, no one but us knows what’s going on between us. Nobody but us knows what is best for us. So instead of looking for answers from the people around you, look into yourself. Listen to the voice of your heart. And you will understand that you carry the answers to your questions …

Are you agree with me?

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