Love… from you to you

Knowing how to love yourself is difficult. Especially if you do not know what this love really is. If you knew how to love yourself and what the effect of this love would be, you would have started much earlier. But how?

Very often, when people talk about love for yourself ,they talk about care. Care is also important. To deliver everything you need to your body to feel good is the first step to just love. But it is not enough. Love to yourself is not temporary and you do not do it only at certain times. It should be part of you, accompany you wherever you go, whatever you do. When you learn to love yourself, you accept every part of you and leave the pain in the past. Often love for yourself is compared to purely physical care. Massage, relaxation, change in appearance. And while these things have an effect, it is temporary and very soon disappears. Massage, however good, can not reach the dark corners of your soul, can not relieve fear and eliminate the pain. And this is true love for himself: to relax and let all of your dark sides to come out and learn to love them as you love and the good. Love to yourself means to respect yourself and to meet your needs. You can not get rid of what you do not like in yourself. Many people do not like small parts of themselves. They think that when they overcome them and change, they will be truly happy. But exactly that is what makes them unhappy. The energy you spend in to judge yourself and try to change the things you do not like is what makes you feel unhappy and rejected. When you stop trying to change and judge yourself, you can transform your energy into something much more fun and enjoyable. Every little part of you that is afraid is hurt or is suffering … this part is missing something that will make her feel happy, charged with energy, calm, confident. And yes, this is love.

Be courageous and allow yourself to become a person who does not compromise with yourself. Stand up against the things that you are struggling at the moment and do not stop until you eliminate them from your life. Surround yourself with people who also love themselves. They will give you your support and show you how to deal with the difficulties. Reach the idea to love yourself.  Only that way you can achieve it.

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