No to the criticism

In many of the comments, people show some of their weaknesses – mostly from that they are irritating of something. There is a desire to criticize, which they can not suppress, avoid, control or use constructively. For me, negative criticism is caused by envy, dissatisfaction, hatred, anger, or even hidden aggression.

Yes, these definitions sounds very strong, but they are basically something we want to get rid of. Need to get him out. And criticism definitely releases from the tension accumulated in us. I am sure ,that you know such people ,who are constantly disgruntled and criticized, right? They may have been very successful in their careers, have found their mate who has seen something good in them behind the outer mask, but they seem to remain unsatisfied, or at least their satisfaction is difficult. I understand. It is easier to express the negative. As if the words for him comes more faster. It’s easier to be selfish than to think about others. But think about it – If you have children, will you deal with them on that way? Will you tell them while they grow up and develop before your eyes? “Who are you? What have you done? You will not achieve anything! You can not sing, write, dance, look bad, your legs are short, your thighs are thick, your breasts are for repair, you are stupid… “. Or will you try to encourage them to develop? And why then is your attitude towards others different? Why do you look for an example of your children in others, instead to give it yourself? Show them how to do it! Learn them on taste and good habits. Do not say “do not do that” or “do not be like this one.” You must to teach them!

Man continues to live forever only through his good deeds and, most importantly, through the knowledge he leaves in this world for the benefit of other people. Even if it is only for their own children.

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