A little reminder

This text is for everyone who thinks it’s too late to change their lives. For all who have refused to fight for their happiness. This text is for you. To read it and remind yourself that:

It does not matter what happened a week ago, a year or… this morning. It’s important what you choose to be doing right now. Choose to change yourself and do it. Choose to think differently and you will start thinking differently. Choose to start building a new life and start building it… But remember that for every change it takes time that every long way are goes by step by step. We want to skip the difficult stages. We want everything to happen now, and right now, about that we sometimes give up of trying. We just have to be patient and full of faith. We justify ourselves that we do not have the skills to do what we want. To become the people we want. To have the life we want. And the truth is that no specific skills or knowledge are needed. All we need is will, perseverance and patience. Because everything we do not know is somethink we can learn. We only need to realize that our lives are in our hands, and it depends on us what we will do with it. And how will we live it.

Life is a constant change. He has given us something, even when he took away something. It helped us get to know ourselves better. That we can know easier for our dreams. To realize what we really want. To understand to what we should say goodbye. To dare to go on the way to ourselves…

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