We’ve all heard and said it: “I’m sorry I’m such a bad friend lately!” It is really easy to let the hectic daily life interfere with our friendships. But let’s try to make our comrades our priority. There are a few simple things you can do to show how much you care about your friends. Promise that these things will become your habits!

callCall to your friends regularly. Random call every few months is not enough! If you have free time on the way to work or on the weekend, call to them. Do this at least once a week to show your friends that you are interested in their lives and want to keep up with the events.


Be with them in the difficulties times. It can be draining to communicate with people who are going through difficulties, but then they need you. Do not be distant when your friends are in hard momments. Hard times ALWAYS reveal true friends.


Do not cancel the plans. If you have an appointment, stick to it! Reason number onefor breaking friendship is the fact that people are not seen enough often. Besides, there is nothing worse than a friend who does not keep his word. This makes others feel like if they are not a priority in your life. And the feeling of talking and laughing with a close person is irreplaceable!


Be a good listener. Friendship is a two-way street. You have to listen as much as you talk. Make sure your relationships are not one-sided and you do not focus on just one of you. That way everyone will be happy.


Congratulate them on their successes. If you have a friend who has done something great, make him feel great! There is no better thing than showing someone how proud you from him. And if something bad happens, raise his spirit. Do not let him fall into a hole.

ghkAccept them as they are. No one is perfect, so your friends will have some bad traits of character. But you are beside them because of their positive qualities that overwhelm the little irritating things. Accept them as they are and make sure they do the same. So… your relationship will be healthy and beneficial to both of you.

Friendship is magic! So do not let your loved ones disappear from your life. Without friends ,we are nothing! About that, love and respect them and most importantly – show it to them!

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