How we lose our time

Everyone strives for a happy, peaceful life, accomplished goals and people who love him. To achieve everything you want, you need to know how to properly allocate your time. Everyone has 24 hours each day, and the difference between successful people and others is precisely how they spend these 24 hours. Sometimes, without even realizing it, you waste your time in actions that make no sense. What’s more, they move away from your goals and interfere with your happiness, because at some point you realize that your time could have been much more beneficial. Here are four such activities ,from wicht to quit if you want to achieve your goals rather than wasting your time.


Gossip is one of the greatest killers of the time. What’s more – speaking negative things about someone is a manifestation of low self-esteem and self-esteem. Successful people have no time for such things and do not see the meaning. They accept the others as allies, not as competition, and if someone is uncomfortable, they do not discuss it, they just cut it off from their lives.



Comparing with other people is one of the biggest problems of every person. To spend even one minute comparing yourself with someone more successful than you is not just a waste of time, but it will make you unhappy and demotivate you. Remember, the only person you have to compare are you. Think about yourself. For what you were, what you are at the moment and what you want to be. So you will see your progress and you will be motivated even more to achieve your goals.



You planning but not doing anything. If you have a bunch of lists of goals, plans, and desires that have very little or no performance, then you have a problem. Planning is a good thing, vital to a successful life, but only if it is accompanied by action. Otherwise, you are wasting your time thinking about something that will just be a thought. In this case, the change in your attitude is key. Instead of spending a lot of time on planning, spend enough time on performance. Follow your inner voice and set your mind for hard work.



Self-pity is the worst human quality. Sitting and complaining about your misfortune, your bad luck or misfortunes is the purest form of waste of time. This will not only achieve nothing, but also slow down the solution to the problem. Instead of that, you must immediately invent a new action plan appropriate to the situation. Only that way you can get out of the problem as quickly as possible.


If you eliminate all of these things from your life, you will see that he will soon become lighter, you will start much faster to achieve your goals and enjoy the happiness!

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