The past

Instead of denying your past and regretting it, look at it, but do not condemn it. And then move forward.

Look at your past, acknowledge it, understand it, accept it, and then move forward. In other words, allow your past to become in a fact. That is all! Express your disappointment, your regret, your anger, and then move forward. If you do not, you will continue to attract into your life events like those for you regret and blame yourself. If you continue to live as a victim of circumstances, if you continue to focus on what you do not like about people and the world around you, you will never have the life you dream about. The only thing that will continue to come to you is what you desperately want tochange. But remember that “need” to change something is not the right approach. The need is always negative, the need always pulls you back. Instead, you have to be excited about the things that are changing to bring in your positive energy and get the results you want and deserve.

The difficulties you face now are just a small part of you and your life. Everything else is developing pretty well, is not it? Then, instead of falling into gloomy moods, realize how much you have and thank for it!

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