Inner peace

Internal peace with itself is something very delicate and necessary. It is for this reason that we are confident, positive and we live our lives compleatly. When a person’s inner peace is disturbed, he feels incomplete.

It is very easy to achieve, with just one simple step, but it is very difficult to do it. This step is to be able to listen to the advice of others without being a slave to their opinion. The opinion of the people is like a summer breeze – today it is warm and light, it can be cold and rush tomorrow. We can not expect everything and everyone to approve of us. We just have to accept the opinion of the people and … nothing more. Stand up in front of yourself and say: yes ,they think of you as a coward , but you are not that and you know it! Yes , accept their point of view, their vicious comments, but you must to do not care about them because they do not know you. People who know you very good, know you are courageous and unique. As you know it too! In this way, we unconsciously rise above the things, over the opinion of the people and we take our own road. This road that our inner peace and self-acceptance determine. The road that is only ours and unique, because it is up to us where we will go. Only when we can reach a consensus with ourselves can we distance ourselves from the opinions of others about us, and that it does not offend us anymore.

That’s why ,when we can get rid of the obsession to look in the eyes of others, we will be able to achieve the inner peace that we need too!

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