The indifference is dangerous. People want to swim upstream and accept everything as it is. This may be a good decision in some situations, but not for all. There are situations where you should not be reconciled with less. There are situations where you have to fight.

People who do not know how to live can really make you feel bad that you are developing and you have taken a certain turn. They can call you snobbies, egoists and the only reason is that you are doing something that makes you happy. But if your life is guided by what others think about you, then your life will be pretty boring. If your passion for life causes some people to want to denigrate you, leave them. Your life should be a reflection of what you love and what makes you happy. You are not obliged to explane your choice. If you choose the direction of your life, there is no reason not to achieve your dreams. Do not allow around you bad friends , who use you just for a nice company. Do not be afraid to leave a bad man or woman who does not keep on their word and makes you wait. And never reconcile with bad coffee. Better pamper yourself and drink what you really like.

Life is too short to waste energy on things who exhaust you. Do not be indifferent. Concentrate on what you really want to do to be happy.

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