Too bad for you men


Too bad to you, men, you forgot to be cavaliers! Where did the gallant gentlemen go? Or are they just some old and fuzzy myth that exists only in the movies?

manI decided to start the topic, and what you think about it is all your problem! And because you are men, you think that everything is allowed to you. Just one click with your fingers and hop – your scenario comes true. That with just one word or one gesture make the woman be with you? Where did your threshold of self-control go? Where did your manners go if you ever had any of them? And why do you decide that when a woman behaves kindly with you, she is certainly ready or burn from desire to be with you immediately, and if she can at the moment. Too bad for you, men, that in the varied and super-affordable assortment from women of today, you have drastically lowered your criteria, and you do not recognize what is the quality between them?. In general, I do not reject the unrelated ties. But in this game I play as a man, I think as a man, I use males numbers and that is why I do not let myself to be chosen. I choose and determine with whom to be. And if you do not like it – a lot of health!

And I continue to argue that any more harsh encroachment with a frankly sexual motive repels me – irrevocably and definitively. But you ,men , you have to get used to the idea that hunters sometimes (or if I can be  honest – often) become victims!

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