Self-confidence is a quality that each of us assesses, but unfortunately very often it is confused with arrogance. The difference between the two is in the intent of man. Arrogance is related to the devaluation on the others. But self-confidence is something that “plays” with our own abilities and is directed by us towards us.

If you want to be successful, believe in your own self. Whether it’s a new job or a difficult situation, self-confidence is what can put you there , where you want to be. There ,where you want to be in the future. Because self-confidence can be seen and felt by the people around you. If you lose confidence in yourself, it can very easily damage on many aspects of your life. This is the moment when you start to doubt your abilities and whether it is worth all your efforts. There are two things you can dо. You can either work over your weak features or focus on your strengths. If you had a number of mistakes in the past, make sure you learned your lesson instead to doubt your abilities. From there you can become a better version of yourself. You will have the courage to try again and be ready for the new opportunities ahead of you.

Even if it seems like a lack of self-confidence is something that “plays” against you and is constantly present in your life, it is not a constant magnitude. It is subject to change and if you can look into yourself, you will be able to change the way you see yourself and, even more important, the way others see you.

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