We deprive ourselves of love when…

When I was young, I fell in love foolish, naive and reckless. I felt and did not ask. Over time I began to fall in love like an adult – cautiously, reasonably and carefully. I think and ask questions. “Does it make sense?”, “Is it worth it?”, “What if I just waste your time.”

Sometimes I think “I do not know if it’s worth it” is the ruthless killer of opportunities. A phrase capable of ending things before they ever started. Over the years, life has taught us to protect ourselfes, but at the same time it has taken from us the ability to fall in love without thinking what will happen and what will come out of this. As if someone can give you a sure answer? We learn to protect our hearts, but maybe we are depriving him of love. I’m trying to diagnose this condition. Excessive caution, fear … or you think ,that if you ask so many questions this is not right man? Is it? But the love rarely happens at first glance. Sometimes it happens with time. Over the years you realize that it does not happen like in movies – you meet and live happily by the end of your days. In real life, this scenario has long vanished. Time is not on our side, so let’s not go overdo with thoughts and questions starting with “What if …”. Better to replace them with more courage and less caution. With more “Let’s see what happens” instead of “What if nothing happened?”.

Let’s not kill the things with supposed scenarios that may never happen. Let us exclude our caution from time to time and fall in love again like in school – naïve and reckless. Even if we regret after that.

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