People we do not like


In the ideal world, all the people we need to communicate with are good, careful, clever, generous. They like our jokes and we – theirs. It would be great if we lived in a wonderful environment where no one has ever been upset, without quarrel or defaming others.

But, as you have already noticed, we do not live in a perfect world. Some people make gone us mad, and we are able to gone mad the others. We do not like those who are not attentive to others, they make rumors, pocking their nose in our affairs, or just do not understand our jokes but they expect from us to laugh at theirs. Perhaps you have been asking yourself, can we be objective with regard to those who constantly annoy us and how to learn to be benevolent with every person we meet. Even in the ideal world, it is unrealistic to create a team of people who we want to invite to a barbecue, for example. So we often have to communicate with people we do not like. But we just have to do it. No matter what you are experiencing, you should not allow these people to get under your skin. It is important to manage your feelings when dealing with someone who is annoying you. Instead of thinking that this person is annoying you, focus on how you react. Because it is a fact that there have always been and will always be people we do not like.

Of course, everything would have been simpler if we could forgive people for everything. Unfortunately, we all know that this in life is hard to get.

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