Hello, May!


I’ve been waiting for you long, but today I woke up and breathed as if for the first time from your delicate spring aroma. It seems to me that in May the sun shines somewhat louder, and birds sing in the evening until later. I’m sure tonight I will hear the first cricket, and from tomorrow I can walk in a short sleeve and with the biggest smile on my face.

Because May is the occasional sunny day ,whо smell for the first time on the summer, and the evenings of beer outside are getting more and more feasible. May is like a romantic evening. It is a love, but a lot of love. He is kiss in front of the front door, heavy loving sighs, run after the last tram, entangled fingers, legs, hands, hearts … May is probably part of that easier time of year, when in every of us live the hope of something better that is ahead. And this month always is able to deliver that to us. In May we seem to have time for everything, and the time is not in a hurry for nowhere.

Because there is hardly a person who does not like May and the trembling in the air, with which the most loved and fragrant time of the year arrives. Welcome, May! Please, be magical!

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