Love is in me

love“Love yourself, love yourself more …” – Lately I hear those words so often, that I wondered what makes my friends think I do not love myself. The truth is, I never understood this advice. Can we hate or be indifferent to ourselves?

What does it mean to love ourselves? If one day my son asks, I do not know what to explain. I do not like the self-lovers. The too self-confident people also are far away for me. On the contrary, I like modest people. I find some powerful charm in those who can much, but never happy enough of themselves. I’m not talking about those crushed and oppressed. I like people who are trying to perfect themselves with every their step. Those people who are able to see see the superiority of other people and this motivate them. People who will listen in any criticism, even if they seem unfair. Such, with pure ambition, in the essence of which is only the pursuit to the better. I love the presence of these people in my life! They are the ones who motivate me and with whom I can be myself.

I do not know what it is like to love yourself, but I know what it’s like to love! I love love. I love to love, I love to be loved. One I know for sure – love is in me!

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