Punishment, trial or gift?


The truth is that every day, with each of our choices, we predetermine our destiny. Karma is every choice we make here and now.

Everyone who enters our lives is bound to us and brings us a definite message. A message that we must read. Some come to try and test us how strong and confident we are, others – to punishing us for our previous actions, and others simply are a gift of the fate ,who we have earned after the long wanderings. Often life presents us with difficulties that we must overcome. It is no coincidence that most of the trials are certain people who occupy a place in our lives. Human relationships are extremely tangled and complex, but the truth is that we have to learn to them we are simplifying. To get our gift of fate, we need to meet different people – enemies, soul mates and friends. Very often we are abandoned, deceived and disappointed by the people we believed in. This is the test we have to go through to climb one step up to our personal development.

It is important to learn to believe that we can cope with everything. We constantly meets new people. The important thing is only to can distinguish which people are punishment, trial or gift.

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