Is there love at first glance?

I was soon listening to the radio debate on “Is there love at first glance?”. Most of the people who called to share an opinion were about how they fell in love at first glance. So much attracted and fascinated – it was the love of their lives. It is possible, I do not deny.

The world is full of interesting stories and even more interesting people. And this also happened to me – to like somebody at first glance. But it is not a love but a chemical reaction. You know how it works – your heart begins to beat harder, your thoughts get confused… and so on. The key word is a аttraction, however. And at the risk of all romantics criticizing me, I will go on. At first glance, I decide whether the man on the other side attracts me. At first glance I decide whether I would like to see it again. But I can not think at first sight that this is the man of my dreams, my mate – the man I would make a lot of compromises and would love unreservedly. That is why I need a few glances and a sober thought. Although impulsive and emotional decisions are sometimes very pleasant. Every woman has such impulses that she remembers with a smile. These are the signs of carefree youth and freedom.

And despite what I have said up to now, I want to say frankly that love is from first sight exist! A woman finds the ideal man ,when she is born him. So I met my ideal man and I fell in love with him at first glance as soon as I saw his big crying eyes. That’s what I call love at first glance.

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