If you’re dealing with many women in one place, there is no way you’re not faced with gossip for you. The most common reason is because of their own complexes. Some are struggling with them at psychotherapist, others – in the gym, and third- increasing self-esteem at the expense of others.

Another motive for intrigue is boredom. When a person has no life of its own, experiencing the need for active participation in someone else. This may be more interesting of soap opera. Often people gossip to attract attention. If in their life has not happened anything , who to share, can reveal the secret of a friend, for example. This is the easiest way for five minutes of fame. This is normal for this type of people. So do not put them on your heart. Do not let on the anger and excitement to influence your actions. Remember that ,when you are in theirs mouths, that means ,that you are more interesting and certainly you are more than these newsmongers.

Remember that anyone can say whatever he wants, for whoever she wants and you have no control over that. And the problem is in him, not in you. Just live your life and do not care too much for others!

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