For us and our friends


I spoke with my best friend today. I told her that sometimes I feel like I’m too sarcastic, I have a big mouth that sometimes I overdo and maybe I should keep quiet from time to time. Her response proved why she is my closest friend: “This is your essence – please, do not stop to be yourself.”!

Maybe she is rights. Probably I will not change, and perhaps should not. May be you to. And should not you become a different person to keep his good friends. They will appreciate you the way you are. Requires too much effort to continuously careful not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. We need friends who will allow us to be with true self, no matter how confused and crazy it is. Life, child rearing, marriage, divorce, work – all of that is difficult. We all need a little fun and relaxation. We need someone who will help us to escape, even if only for a few seconds. Even you to amuse me, without a reason ,this is great. And if you make me cry with laughter, never let you go. We need friends who can encourage us. I speak for bad habits, and in the times that I decide to do something new and scary.

Everybody needs friends who are not afraid to show their confused countries ,from friends who are sincere, but mostly from friends who love us as we are.


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