For the good things that happen daily


Are not you tired of reading, watching and listening for badness, for the ugly and immoral deeds – who stole what, killed ,a carved forest, destroyed nature, robbed the bank or lied to the people? And, and, and … many are. Negative news.

img_1907But there are beautiful nature, there are nice places, there are good smart people, friends. There! Why first in medias wrote about the ugly, the bad and this became a sensation? And the good news remains in the shadows. I’ve never tolerate morning shows, with which begin our day. Hey, gentlemen of television who told you that our day should start with your bad news? And that is in all media!  They repeat the same, frighten people. I always dreamed of a television or a newspaper, a magazine, in who show only the good news. For the diligent, honest, capable people ,who survived despite all the difficulties. For those who help someone to heal, to live, not to exist. Yes, now you will say that good and bad were hand in hand. Yes but no. The bad news is quickly and easily perceived. Why? It acts depressing and sad. You should be alien, to you do not affect the mood and the desire to start a good day. To live quietly and inspiring.

There are so brave , risking, capable and talented people. The beauty in behavioral ,act for honor and respect … No matter – athlete, artist, doctor or an ordinary person. Daily happen good things. That is ,what we need!

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