Do you really happy?


Have you ever thought how often a person has taken on one road in his life and thinks that he is happy. He does things that supposedly makes him happy, but always something in him whisper a quiet voice, “do you really happy?”.

How often happens to us to wake up in the morning and after the routines in the bathroom to put on some clothes, to straighten our hairstyle on habit and to catch a cup of coffee in hand and to begin with our daily quests … uniformity! We follow a one path ,in momentum and we wonder -“Am I chose this life? Really?!” img_1830, “Maybe my life make me this person.” or without knowing someone else decide this for me. We are looking for something to stimulate us to wake up in the morning and spend the day in smiles while gladly we act on tasks. We think … think … think … and nothing Finally!  But we do not dare to complain, we dare not ditch everything it, because of fear of the unknown. Maybe it’s time to say ENOUGH! Expensive clothes, fancy cars and luxurious homes are not so difficult to reach, harder to create comfort in small apartament and to find, not the man without whom you can not live, and this with whom you want to live! You myself will decide whose advice to accept and listen, who can take out from your life and who you keep in him. Do not be ashamed of your dreams, be they the most elementary. Live them! Propylene part of your time, even if it is for something meaningless in the eyes of the people as long as it makes you happy.

Tell to people that they hurt you, tell them that you hate them even! Remember, however, and tell them how much you love them. Forgive them, that they are what they are before you become like them and be happy with yours foolish hopes and dreams! Breathe!

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