Be optimistic


Sometimes the human reacts violently and emotionally for quite small and insignificant at first glance things. Another time remains blind to the spectacular events. Matter of perspective and emotional attitude.

How many of you want to wake up with a smile? And then to be inspired through all the day and to be accompanied by beautifull emotions. All we know that IMG_0813the basis of most of our diseases standing negative emotion. Positive – vice versa. It is able to surprise with its favorable impact even the biggest skeptics. In that case, why most people choose more of the time to be pessimistic? Each breath – with an eye to beauty, each exhalation – with a smile and relief is a matter of practice. Indeed, in any situation you will find something ,who makes you smile. Just we should not  want or expect always the things are happening exactly our way. Only we are responsible for our smiles and exciting moments. Then why not rejoice like a child to cake inverted on the table, to licking with a finger sweet residues ,instead to be angry of dirt?

So I choose to smile on life today and now! To step confidently on my road. I’m sure ,that there are a great solution for me and expect me something nice!

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