Magical words

Today I will talk to you about the two magic words that can change lives a lot and for the better. And these are not “thank you” and “please”, as we were taught in childhood. These words are “enough” and “worthy.”

Let’s start with “enough”. Why do we suffer in life? We are always missing something. We don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough love, enough attention, enough self-confidence, etc. What would happen if, instead of focusing on scarcity, we started thinking about surplus? After all, the universe, God, or life give us what we think about most during the day! Try to say to yourself: I have enough love! How do you feel when you say that? Most likely the feeling of joy begins to rise and you happily say one more thing: I have enough money! I have enough health! I’m lucky enough! I have enough joy! You can play with these expressions as you wish. I have enough beauty to be confident! I have enough creative energy! I have enough self-control and confidence in my exclusivity! Play with those words! Be a child and feel that you really have everything in excess. Once you think of something – just remember the word and apply it according to the situation. Shortage – this is not for you! You have everything in excess!

Thus we come to the second word – “worthy”. In the same way, it is repeated: I am worthy of love! I am worthy of money! I am worthy of pleasure, tenderness, and love! I am worthy of the person I love! I deserve all the best in life!

Repeat until you believe this, and then the miracles begin!

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